Shoe of the Month – Superstitious About Shoes

Pottery Shoes

Pottery Shoes

The shoe has been a symbol of good luck for thousands of years. I’m sure you can think of some good luck superstitions involving shoes?

 Shoes can be thrown at weddings to wish the couple a good, long and useful life. The shoe was also a sign of fertility and many years ago a boot was often buried in the home of the newly wed couple. Inside the boot was placed a grain of corn, which it hoped would attract mice to nest and breed. From this came the idea that the wife would bear lots of children, who would look after her and her husband. Many Victorian miniature shoes show a mouse playing in the shoe.

Collecting small shoes was especially popular in the Victorian times and after World War Two. The Victorians often gave shoe shaped loved tokens. Even today people have very special relationships with shoes and by extension miniature shoes. People often buy shoe shaped souvenirs on holiday.

 Miniature shoes can be made from all sorts of materials including wood, porcelain, leather, copper, silver, plastic, coal and even bread! These shoes are made from porcelain. I’m sure some of you have similar items at home.

They can be seen at Northampton Museum and Art Gallery thorughout October 2011.


One thought on “Shoe of the Month – Superstitious About Shoes

  1. I have been looking for some informaiton about a pottery shoe I own. On your web for 1Ocober 2011, Superstitious about Shoes, there it is, 3rd from the left. I would love to know more about it, we’ve had it in the family for ever. I wondered if it were Irish. Are you able to help me with any further information.? I have never seen another one anywhere else, perhaps they were a pair and I have one and you the other!

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