The Northamptonshire Regiment Collection

A group of soldiers in India, late 1930s

A group of soldiers in India, late 1930s

In 1970 the Northamptonshire Regiment collection was moved to Abington Park Museum, where it can be seen today. Previous to this the Regimental Collection was based at various barracks in Northampton since it was first formed in 1933. In 1960 a major reorganisation took place of the Army. The Northamptonshire Regiment was included in this and the collection was moved to Gibraltar Barracks, Northampton before being moved to Abington Park Museum.

The collection includes photographs acquired by the Regiment over many years, some of which are the personal photograph albums of individual soldiers. Some of these photographs show life serving in a various number of places including Waziristan, India, Egypt, Iraq, China, Korea and other tours of various bases in Europe.

For the last three years Northampton Museums Service which currently looks after the collection on behalf of the Regimental Assosciation has been working to digitise the photographic archive. The results, over 1700 images so far, can be seen on the Northampton Museums Flickr stream:

Northampton Museums and the regimenatal Association would welcome comments on the history of these photographs, especially if you can identify any of the soldiers pictures.

1 thought on “The Northamptonshire Regiment Collection

  1. Hi – I’m looking for any information about American Regiments in (or just outside of) Northampton during the Second World War, particularly during the years of 1943-1944. I’m interested in finding out about possibly the 501st Infantry Regiment or maybe the 101st Airborne Division (The Screaming Eagles) in particular…any help or suggestions for further research would be greatly appreciated, thank you.

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