Shoe of the Month-Northampton Shoes

Northampton Shoes

What do you think of as Northampton-made shoes?




Plastic jelly shoes?

These women’s plastic jelly shoes are just as important a part of the Northampton shoe industry story as the men’s leather shoes you might automatically think of. They have been made here for over 30 years and are an example of Northampton manufacturers diversifying into new markets while retaining traditional methods and standards.

Originally a family business providing injection moulding services to the boot and shoe industry, in 1986 JuJu Jellies created the original moulded plastic sandals which became known as ‘jelly shoes’. Now a fashion favourite, as well as a summer shoe icon, these shoes are made using the same processes and designs in bright (and glittery) colours. The plastic used to create these shoes is sourced in England and any waste is recycled to be used again.

Jelly Shoes

Jelly Shoes