Shoe of the Month-Crocs

Love them or loathe them?

Crocs Inc., is an American company founded by Lyndon ‘Duke’ Hanson, Scott Seamans and George Boedecker in 2002. Based in Boulder, Colorado the firm was created to market a lightweight plastic shoe first developed and manufactured by Form Creations, Quebec.

Originally intended as a boating shoe because of its slip resistant, non-marking sole. The first model was the Crocs beach known as the Cayman. Launched at a boat show, it sold out.

Despite only a small marketing campaign, Crocs became popular through word of mouth. Wearer’s praised their comfort, bright colours, and unique design plus how lightweight they were.

Today crocs are still popular, as both leisure and work wear, but they do tend to divide people into those that love them and those that loathe them.