Shoe of the Month – Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas

These clogs are very special. They were given to the donor’s father by a Dutch family who befriended him during the Second World War. He was in the Army and travelled through France, Holland, Germany and Belgium 1944 – 1945

Clogs are very significant in Holland and are used to celebrate St Nicholas’s Day on December 6. Before they go to bed on St Nicholas’s Eve, some Dutch children still put out their clogs, hoping St Nicholas will fill them with presents by the morning. They also fill the clogs with straw or hay and a carrot as a treat for the Saint’s white horse.

When they wake in the morning, if they have been good the food is gone and sweets and toys are in its place. If they have misbehaved and been bad over the year, the carrot and straw remain and there are no presents, but a cane! Black Peter, a mischievous imp who carries a bundle of canes for use on naughty children, leaves the cane. So remember to be good this year.

Dutch Clogs

Dutch Clogs


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