John Lobb

John Lobb celebrates St. Crispin’s Day with new Limited Edition

John Lobb Shoe

John Lobb Shoe

Every year boot makers honour their patron saint, St. Crispin and since 1996, John Lobb has seen St. Crispin’s Day, on 25th October, as the perfect opportunity to create a new limited edition design, which is then unveiled globally.

This year, in keeping with the spirit of this tradition, John Lobb has designed and crafted another unique limited edition, celebrating their knowledge, experience and high quality craftmanship.

The John Lobb 2014 signals a return to the classic, as a plain toe capped Oxford with an ‘Adelaide’ cut, made on the 7000 last. This particular style of Oxford combines the vamp and quarters to form one piece giving a seamless inside and outside waist and an uninterrupted flow in these areas where the sole meets the waist.

This style is created using the John Lobb Prestige process, one that imitates the appearance of a made to measure with.finely wheeled welts, hand sculptured waists, tapered heels and rounded sole bottoms at the waist to give the ultimate in lightness and comfort.

The iconic ‘Brun Lobb’ colour is achieved by the subtle blend of special creams and waxes. The inside of the shoes are lined with fine calf skin in a chocolate colour.

The John Lobb 2014 is supplied with shoe trees and the sole of each pair is stamped with a limited edition number.

To find out more information about John Lobb, visit their website here‎

And you can also visit the John Lobb Facebook page here to browse through their photo albums featuring vintage editions from the last nineteen years.


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