Imagination Museum

Imagination Museum

On Wednesday 9 April Northampton Museum and Art Gallery hosted the Imagination Museum, a contemporary dance performance devised by the award winning choreographer Katie Green.

Funded by the Arts Council the performance brought together art, history, dance and drama in an innovative piece that awoke everyone’s curiosity to explore museums.

Katie has created a wonderful introduction to dance theatre inspired by the diverse artefacts found in museum collections nationwide. Every collection contains a vast amount of material and each object has a story to tell. This piece helps people to connect with their local heritage through these stories and suggests different ways of thinking about something you find in a museum.

Imagination Museum

Imagination Museum

Led by three amazing dancers, all professional and great at character performance, the audience were taken on a tour of the museum. These eccentric tour guides brought to life a series of artefacts through words and movement and encouraged audience participation…and dusting!

The Imagination Museum was very popular in Northampton and lots of positive comments from everyone lucky enough to attend. To see for yourself click on the links below.




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