Shoe of the Month – Willem Ruys

Willem Ruys

This striking shoe sc

ulpture is called Willem Ruys and was conceived and made by the Dutch artist Joyce de Gruiter in 2011 / 2013.

With an endless source of inspiration from top designers such as Louboutin, Blahnik, Vivienne Westwood and Jimmy Choo, Joyce de Gruiter designs and manufacturers her own shoe collection Shoes 2 Make U Happy. These are shoes not to wear but to admire. Her shoe sculptures are made of mixed media and wood and finished with 22 carat gold leaf and pearlescent pigments. She takes architectural forms that although playful, sometimes undergo an ironic metamorphosis.

This shoe sculpture was inspired by the passenger ship Willem Ruys which, in the 1940s, brought the designer’s parents from Asia to Europe, which was a meeting of two opposite cultures and literally East meeting West.

Willem-Ruys Shoe Sculpture

Willem-Ruys Shoe Sculpture

The sculpture is made from wood, krijinto, pearlescent paint and gold leaf.

Northampton Museums and Art Gallery is always delighted to expand its collection of shoe sculptures from around the world.


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