Shoe of the Month-Rabbit, Rabbit, Rabbit

Rabbit, Rabbit, Rabbit

These fabulous boots were designed and made by artist April Phillips in 2013. Can you see what is different about them? Yes, the rabbits have three ears and the boots are, unsurprisingly named The Rabbit Has Three Ears.

These boots are just one pair of five made by Australian artist April Phillips from preliminary sketches made at Hospitalfield House during her Royal Overseas League annual artist residency in 2010.

The Rabbit Has Three Ears Boots

The Rabbit Has Three Ears Boots

The Imaginary Happenings of Hospitalfield explores the alternative realities of being removed from everyday modern life and how our imagination can transport us to see the world anew.

All of the imagery decorating the boots has been illustrated, hand carved and painted in layers by hand. April Phillips explores a story influenced by the history and unique experience of spending time living and working at Hospitalfield.

Northampton Museum and Art Gallery is always keen to add contemporary footwear to the shoe collection and we are delighted  to have these wonderful boots in the collection.


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