Shoe of the Month – One warm step for mankind…

One warm step for mankind…

Keep your feet lovely and toasty this January in a pair of original Moon Boots. Footwear manufacturers Tecnica of Giavera del Montelo, Italy, created the iconic Moon Boot in the early 1970s. They soon took off and became a popular fashion trend.  Tecnica trademarked the Moon Boot name in 1978 and still manufacture the original moon boot today. There are many imitations but with the name only trademark, only the Tecnica boot can be marked as the original moon boot.

Moon Boots

Moon Boots

The boot is said to be the ultimate in comfort. The uppers are nylon with a crisscross lace system to snuggle down and fit perfectly.

The lower waterproof PVC sole has great traction. The boots are sized small, medium and large and there is no left or right foot due to the boot’s polyester form lining. These boots will keep you warm in -30 degrees. They were donated in 2006.


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