Shoe of the Month – soleRebels


The life of your shoes does not always begin when you start wearing them, nor does it end when you take them off.

Recycling is the process by which used materials are creatively evolved into new products to prevent waste. For many years footwear across the world has been innovatively produced from recycled goods.

Many exciting new designers and shoe companies are exploring the benefits of ethical and recycled fashion.

These shoes made from recycled rubber tyres and fabric are a wonderful addition to our contemporary footwear collection, which we are always trying to continually update and expand.

soleRebels, is a contemporary Ethiopian firm selling recycled footwear worldwide. They currently employ 45 full-time staff who produce up to 500 pairs of shoes a day for a worldwide clientele.



 soleRebels continue an age old tradition of collecting and sorting used tyres, which are hand cut ensuring a perfectly fitted sole that is long lasting and very comfortable.

“We took this wonderful indigenous age-old recycling tradition and fused it with fantastic Ethiopian artisan crafts and excellent modern design sensibilities and turned it into footwear that has universal flavour and appeal that is now a market beating export brand being enjoyed by people around the globe!”

Bethlehem Tilahun Alemu
Co-founder and Managing Director



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