Shoe of the Month – Boing Boing Shoes!

Boing Boing Shoes!

These amazing Zebedee shoes were designed and made by Terry de Havilland in 1979.

We acquired them from the original owner who purchased them from Terry de Havilland’s shop on the Kings Road, London.

‘One day we were passing the Terry de Havilland boutique and I noticed a ‘sale’ sign in the window. Never being able to miss a bargain I persuaded my husband to stop…the Zebedee shoes were in the window and I could not take my eyes off them!

It was not just because they were a fantastically unusual design with their gold leather lightning flashes – a la Ziggy Stardust I thought – and spring heels, but they were also so elegant, beautifully made and most importantly wearable. I knew instinctively that they were very special and I just had to have them!’

Zebedee Shoes

Zebedee Shoes

We are always looking to acquire designer shoes for our world famous shoe collection, including contemporary and vintage examples.


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