Shoe of the Month – Zebra Shoes

These fabulous shoes are made of zebra skin!

In 1942 Arthur Hansen was called up to the Army. He was only nineteen years old and engaged to be married to Marjorie Foster. The wedding was arranged and took place on his first leave in July 1942. Like many at the time they started their married life separated. Marjorie lived in Halifax, but she travelled to Scotland for precious time with Arthur when his training schedule allowed. All too soon he was posted to Kenya as a wireless operator.

Zebra Shoes

Zebra Shoes

These shoes were bought as a present for his new wife from Jadavji Valji & Sons, Leather Merchants in Nairobi, Kenya. Their original receipt shows they cost 50 shillings and 2 cents.

Although they were much appreciated, they were hardly worn. Perhaps not quite right for wearing in Halifax?

Arthur and Marjorie celebrated their diamond wedding anniversary in 2002 having settled in London after the war, having three children and eight grandchildren.


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