Shoe of the Month – Asics Trainers

The Coldest Journey

These Asics trainers were worn by Sir Ranulph Fiennes who has to wear trainers most of the time now, having lost toes due to frostbite! They were recently on display in the ‘Step into my Shoes’ exhibition here at Northampton Museums that explored some of the special journeys people have made during their lives.

Sir Ranulph Fiennes Asics Trainers

Sir Ranulph Fiennes Asics Trainers

 In the headlines again, Sir Ranulph is to lead the first team on foot across Antarctica during the southern winter.

 The six-month expedition next year is being called The Coldest Journey.

 The journey will take place between the two seasonal equinoxes 21 March – 21 September 2013 with the ice team travelling from Novo to the Ross Sea in the Antarctic Winter. During this six-month period the expedition team will have travelled 2,000 miles, mostly in complete darkness in temperatures as low as –90 degrees

 It will be 68-year-old Sir Ranulph’s latest record attempt. Past feats have seen him go pole to pole and climb Everest as a pensioner.

 “We do it because we like to break world records,” says Sir Ranulph, “Sometimes we don’t succeed, but it’s what we go for. It’s our specialty.”


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