Picture of the Month – Still Life With Pumpkin

Still Life with Pumpkin byJohn Gilbert Donley (1886-1959), oil on canvas, dated 1946.

John Donley was a founder member of Northampton Town and County Art Society. He was a self-taught artist who exhibited at the Royal Academy, with a number of his paintings in the collection at Northampton Museum and Art Gallery.  He was a keen market gardener and often painted at his allotment in Dallington Grange. His enthusiasm and love for growing vegetables is expressed in this painting as a sense of pride in his work is shown through each brush stroke.

Still Life With Pumpkin

Still Life With Pumpkin

Painting chosen by Rebecca Shawcross, Shoe Resources Officer, Northampton Museum and Art Gallery. 

“I have chosen this painting from the collection as its autumn subject of harvest and plenty seemed appropriate for the month of September. It also reminds me of a recent trip to Canons Ashby, Northamptonshire where large pumpkins were growing in their kitchen garden.”


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