Stories of the World – Parliament Day

Parliament Day

Parliament Day

Leah and Grace represented the Northampton Project for Stories of the World at the Parliament Day on 24th July 2012

This opportunity arose because the Stories of the World project (represented as Dress the World in the East Midlands), was invited to be part of the Parliament’s inaugural public summer programme – Arts in Parliament (AiP). Throughout the summer 2012 Cultural Olympiad projects will perform and exhibit in Westminster Hall. This is the first time a festival of this kind has been staged in Parliament. 

Leah and Grace represent the Northampton Youth Curators, a group of over thirty young people who have been involved with creating the World at Your Feet Exhibition at Northampton Museum and Art Gallery. This was an opportunity to share the project with Peers, Members of Parliament and other key influencers. They also took 4 shoes from the world footwear collection to show to the audience.



Parliament Day
Parliament Day



‘During our visit to parliament we watched Leicester’s flash mob dance, listened to poems from various young people involved and viewed the outfits made by Manchester College. We were then able to tell people about how us “the youth curators” have been involved and what we have been doing, by going around displaying shoes and providing people with information about them and the exhibition. I enjoyed this part the most as it allowed us to meet and talk to many interesting people, as well as testing us on our knowledge about the four shoes. And it was great to hear from a lot of people that they were aware of our exhibition and had already visited it. I also enjoyed having the opportunity to take part in an interview to be featured in a short film documenting the event. I thoroughly enjoyed the day and hope that I will be able to attend it again in the future’.



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