Shoe of the Month – Morocco Leather Babouches

Men's Morocco Leather Babouches

Men's Morocco Leather Babouches

Sir Henry Dryden of Canons Ashby near Daventry was a Victorian gentleman with a remarkable curiosity about the past.  He was an effective local politician, acting as sheriff of Northampton and MP for Banbury, but his passion was for local history, mediaeval art and architecture. He recorded, drew and painted everything that fascinated him, amassing an enormously valuable collection of visual images of the past. At Canons Ashby he kept his own little museum room with a collection of curiosities from all over the British Isles and further a field. These shoes, a pair of men’s morocco leather babouches from Morocco, were part of his collection. They were donated to the Museum by his daughter Alice after his death in 1899.

Canons Ashby is now maintained by the National Trust and is displayed as it was in Sir Henry’s day. Why not visit and follow the new tour ‘A Journey Through a Curious Life’ and learn more about the life of Sir Henry and his Victorian family and servants?

 For more details, visit

 Or call 01327 861900


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