Going for Gold

Next year the Olympics comes to Britain as well we all know but do you know that a large number of Olympians and Paralympians have come from Northamptonshire. Next summer there will be an exhibition at Northampton Museum to celebrate the sportsmen and women of our county from Louis Baillon who won the bronze medal for field hockey in the 1908 games, which was also held in London to Hollie Avil Northamptonshire’s triathelete who hopes to compete in 2012. The museum hopes to honour all the athletes that have competed for the United Kingdom on behalf of the county. To make the exhibition as exciting as possible we would like to hear from the people of Northamptonshire, so if you are an Olympian or Paralympian or you know someone who has participated in the games please contact Victoria Davies, the Acting Exhibitions Officer. If you are related to a current Olympian, or have an ancestor who competed in the very first games we would also like to hear from you too. Also if you have attended previous Olympic Games we would like to hear from you. Please call the museum on 01604 837632 or email vdavies@northampton.gov.uk.


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