Shoe of the Month – Wellingtons are Cool

Along with fezzes and bow ties wellingtons are cool especially if they are Dr. Who wellingtons.

The BBC science fiction series Dr. Who has been with us for nearly 50 years and in that time millions of little boys (and sometimes little girls) have enjoyed the antics of the ever changing Time Lord and over the years they have expressed their enjoyment through toys and clothes. 

Dr Who Wellingtons
Dr Who Wellingtons

These wellington boots were produced by Sainsbury’s under license from the BBC and feature the Doctor’s ultimate nemesis the Daleks. The Daleks first featured in the series in the 1960s and have been an almost constant foe for the doctor ever since. After their first appearance the Daleks were so popular that the country was gripped by ‘Dalekmania’ and these wellington boots are proof that in 2010 very little has changed in 50 years. 

They can be seen at Northampton Museum and Art Gallery thorughout January 2012


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