Shoe of the Month – Buckle Up!

The Shoe Collection receives quite a number of donations that aren’t shoes, but are items that relate to the making and retailing of shoes.

Shoe Buckles

Shoe Buckles

 We recently received a brown cardboard suitcase stamped ‘F.B’ on the lid, which contains sample cards of buckles and trimmings by R. F. Hamilton & Co, 25 Newarke Street, Leicester. The suitcase contains a mixture of brown cardboard folders containing steel studded buckles, brilliants, imitation beads, button covers, black buckles and fancy. It probably dates to the 1920s.

 It is a wonderful example of a salesman’s wares, though we know nothing about the company R.F Hamilton & Co of Leicester. If you do then please do contact the Museum. Any information on the company would be appreciated.

They can be seen at Northampton Museum and Art Gallery thorughout November 2011


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